En E-portfölj kan se olika ut. Har du arbetat mycket nätbaserat och har mycket digitalt material, instruktioner, webbsidor, filmer m.m., kan ett sätt vara att skapa en digital pedagogisk meritportfölj, eller e-portfölj.



"The eportfolio is in one sense a collection of artefacts, which can be documents, images and multimedia files such as audio and video clips. However, its true value arises from reflection by the learner on the meaning of those artefacts in relation to desired outcomes and professional identity."

Presant, D. (2012) ePortfolios to Build, Demonstrate and Maintain Professional Competence.

"What is an e-portfolio? An e-portfolio is a digitized collection of artifacts, including demonstrations, resources, and accomplishments that represent an individual, group, community, organization, or institution. This collection can be comprised of text-based, graphic, or multimedia elements archived on a Web site or on other electronic media such as a CD-ROM or DVD. An e-portfolio is more than a simple collection, however; it can also serve as an administrative tool to manage and organize work created with different applications and control who can see or discuss the work. The benefits of an e-portfolio typically derive from the exchange of ideas and feedback between the author and those who view and interact with the e-portfolio. In addition, the author’s personal reflection on the work inside an e-portfolio helps create a meaningful learning experience."

Lorenzo, G., Ittelson, J. (2005)  An Overview of E-Portfolios.

Vad kan ingå i en E-portfölj

- Webbsidor

Exempel på webbaserat material som använts i olika kurser och utbildningar.

- Kursupplägg
Kursupplägg i lärplattformar, ex Moodle, Cambro, Blackbord, Ping Pong, Fronter m.m

- Studieguider

Studiegudier i exempelvis PDF- eller htmlformat.

- Filmer

Filmade föreläsningar, kursintroduktioner eller annat utbildningsmaterial.

- Ljudfiler

Exemempel på ljudfiler, podcast

- Wiki, Blogg

Wikis och bloggar som använts i kurser

- Kursutvärderingar

Elektronska utvärderingar i olka fomer

- Övrigt

Prezi, VoiceThread, Clicker, m.m